A Kiss From An Angel

An inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child.

The Healers Workbook

The Healer’s Workbook follows on from (A Kiss From An Angel) an inspirational journey…..

A gift of healing and insight for all health workers.

The Midwife's Insight

Transforming grief and self-care for midwives

Stacey has turned grief into a gift of healing and has shared her journey with countless nurses, midwives and students of counselling, social work and mental health for over a decade.

Welcome to A Kiss From An Angel

A Kiss From An Angel Assists Bereaved Parents and Health Workers who desire healing, connection, nurturing and education about grief and loss.

Offering Books, Workshops, Massage and Healing Modalities that help connect and nurture their journey through grief.

Our Services and Products are Inspirational and give practical guidance through the journey of grief into healing.

We provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore different healing modalities that assist in the journey to heal from grief and stress and increase self development.

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