In 2002 A Kiss From An Angel was born after the stillbirth of Finn O’Brien, the much loved first son of Gavin and Stacey O’Brien.


After only 3 days Stacey started to write about the journey of her labor, pregnancy and struggle to cope with the loss of their beautiful baby boy.

A Kiss From An Angel is an inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child and offers readers healing for their hearts and tools to help them calm the pain that grief can etch into your body.

Through sharing her story Stacey reminds bereaved parents that they are not alone and definitely not to blame.

Gavin reveals a fathers pain of losing his son and the possibility of losing his wife. Trying to hold it all together for the sake of his family while learning to deal with his own broken heart.


In this rare glimpse into a father’s journey of grief you will see that their are many stages to grief and that no-one does it in the same way.

The courage that this couple share is truly inspirational and has helped many grieving parents to heal their hearts and their relationships.

Stacey has shared her healing message since 2005 with countless midwives, nurses, counselling and social work students, support groups and bereaved parents and now offers this training in an inspirational and informative workshop environment.

Participants are encouraged to “dig deep” and challenge themselves to ask the really hard and painful questions so that healing and education can evolve.

It excites Stacey to send these brave warriors out into the world with tools in their healing tool box that compliment their chosen careers and sharing healing with their patients who have broken hearts from grief.

Helping people to manage and heal grief can change their life and help them to find a way to connect with their loved ones so that their days are no longer filled with pain and sorrow.
Finn is a constant guiding force behind Stacey’s work and he has gifted his mum with not only the lesson of unconditional love, but a driving passion to see others heal their hearts and transform their lives.