Books by Stacey

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A Kiss From An Angel

An inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child.
Gavin and Stacey bare their hearts and share their emotions after the stillbirth of son Finn.
Share a fathers journey to keep it all together for his wife and family and a mothers courage to gain insight into unconditional love

The Healers Workbook

The Healer’s Workbook follows on from (A Kiss From An Angel) an inspirational journey…..

A gift of healing and insight for all health workers.

The Healer’s Workbook follows on from an inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child. A story of courage and healing after the stillbirth of Gavin and Stacey O’Brien’s first son, Finn in 2002.

Stacey turned grief into a gift of healing and has shared her journey with countless nurses, midwives and students of counselling, social work and mental health for over a decade.

Realizing the health industry needed the answers to the many questions she was being asked, Stacey created The Healer’s Workbook, a gift to the many warriors who serve their clients through their hardest and darkest days of grief, death and sickness.
A special gift of self care practises in this book ensures that many levels of healing and education will be gained so that our health industry can continue to benefit from the courage and caring hearts of the angels who care for us all when we need it the most.

Stacey will challenge you to make sure that you honour and care for yourself so that healing occurs on a daily basis.

The Midwife’s Insight

Transforming Grief & Self Care for Midwives