Transforming Grief and Self Care for Midwives

Stacey O’Brien provides Midwives with a rare glimpse into the world of the bereaved mother. To share the depths of pain that they will need to be able to cope with and practical ways they can nurture and support the bereaved and their families.

Encouraging them to honor and respect the baby, the family and themselves through this time of trauma is important. Letting them know that some of the simplest things will mean the most.

Often this activity creates a deeper understanding of how important the midwife’s role is in the days after loss, during the small period when memories are essential, and nurturing is necessary.

Offering very practical and inspirational ways that midwives can honor the child that has died and encourage confidence for you to step outside the box and allow yourself to be very presence and ensure that you also process the grief with compassion.

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Venue- 410 Sahara Road, Glasshouse Mountains 4518 QLD


5th October 2019
2nd November 2019
7th December 2019
25th January 2020
7th March 2020
2nd May 2020
6th June 2020
11th July 2020
22nd August 2020

Venue- Interstate

21st February 2020- Gold Coast
21st March 2020- Auckland
27th March 2020- Victoria
18th April 2020- Auckland