Dear Stacey

A little over a month ago I had a deeply spiritual conversation with Stacey O’Brien, author of A Kiss From an Angel.

Our conversation was about the gifts that her newborn son, born 17 years ago, had given her by leaving her side so soon.
Now a mother of other children, Stacey devotes her life to educating midwives and birth professionals about how to take care of themselves after trauma and how to take care of mothers better who have lost their babies, as well as mentoring mothers who have lost their own children.

Although Stacey has experienced deep adversity, her focus is on the gifts it has brought to her – her ability to teach and heal others with compassion and understanding.

During our talk, Stacey was excited to not only be a national speaker – she is an advisor to the Australian government over their inquiry into the impacts of stillborn – but now an international speaker, too.
She’s back in Australia again after her whirlwind speaking engagement overseas, and I think you will fall in love with her story of love lost, and love rediscovered.
You may never look at a Kookaburra again in the same way!

Listen to Stacey O’Brien about the Gifts of Stillbirth now on Learning to Birth