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The Midwife’s Insight

The “Midwife’s Insight” is an e-learning platform offering a rare glimpse into stillbirth. With strength and courage Stacey O’Brien shares with you the emotional journey to heal her heart and as a thank you gift for the midwives that cared for her so well.

Joined by her husband, Gavin who gives a rare encounter from a dad who was devastated by his son’s stillbirth and found it difficult to hold it together for his wife and the family he loves.

You can select from a library of topics that give practical ways for you to care for the bereaved and their families. Stacey shares self-care tips and holistic ways to process grief and detangle from the physical and emotional stress of midwifery.

Drawing from her 25 years as a Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor and also Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Training.

Offering a rare combination of holistic modalities and lived experience that create a wealth of learning into bereavement.
Stacey offers online support and insight into every day issues that you may need feedback on.

An inspirational collection of educational tools, “The Midwife’s Insight” is a rare and insightful offering to Midwifery.

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