Massage – $80

Stacey’s style of Massage is unique, with nearly 30 years of experience combining styles of Swedish, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Crystal Massage. Stacey is intuitively guided to assist your body to relax into a nurturing space. Often creating a perfect atmosphere for healing and insight into your emotional stress and inner turmoil, you will be gently guided to release the emotional blocks you carry and you will often gain a knowing of how and when patterns of emotions began.

Combining Sage, Drumming, Crystal Bowls and Crystals as additional healing tools you will gain a clearer sense of inner knowing and direction for your own self care journey.
Drawing on her Fitness and Wellbeing experience, Stacey will share with you stretches and self care practices that you can take home which will add to the benefits of your pampering massage.
You are sure to enjoy

Crystal Healings – $80

Imagine being able to choose from an amazing collection of Crystals, all types, colours and sizes. All calling to you in their special ways to choose them in your healing and to receive the gorgeous healing energy they have to offer.

Dropping into deep relaxation and being covered with these beautiful Crystals all eager to offer you their gifts of Love.

The beat of the drum and the sweet smell of sage add to the intoxicating experience of the Crystal Healing.

Drop deep inside yourself and receive the messages of wisdom that your body needs you to hear and the whispers of love from the crystals and your guides that hold you so dearly.

Hot Stone Massage – $100

 Stacey doesnt just use stones in her massage, she combines crystals and spices in a specail healing parcel to create an intoxicating, relaxing atmosphere.

Using hematite crystals to ground you and cinnamon & nutmet to stimulate the circulation.

Emotional De-Tangle Sessions – $80

After healing her heart following the stillbirth of her first son, Finn, Stacey gained a unique view into the emotional triggers that we often cycle through. She will guide you to gain insight into how emotions are affecting your body and mind and help you clearly see the patterns you have been creating through your life to cope with issues. Offering practical changes that will help you to learn from your triggers.

Stacey offers a safe and non-judgemental space to gain a clearer idea of how to manage your life lessons. You will be amazed at how easy it is to recognize the signs that your body gives you so that you can heal.

Sessions are available in person, online or by phone.

Crystal Card Readings – $80

You will be delighted by how accurate these readings are, using Cards that have been charged with actual Crystals from moon to moon and are infused with the healing energy of the Crystals on each card.

Discover for yourself the wisdom of your body with stunning accuracy the cards will reveal the messages that each chakra holds for you.

A reading like no other, where you are told by your body what is in store for you and what needs to be shifted, not by the reader, but from your own wisdom and intuition.
Be captivated by the inner knowing of your soul and the wisdom of your heart to allow healing.