Stacey’s style of massage is very unique, developed over 20 years, combining elements of swedish, sports, therapeutic, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massage with an intuition of your body’s needs.

Starting with the intoxicating aroma of burning sage and the beat of her Native American Indian Drum, surrounded by healing crystals, Stacey offers a safe and nurturing space which lends itself to relaxation and healing of the body.

Drawing on her Fitness and Well being experience, Stacey will share with you stretches and self care practices that you can take home which will add to the benefits of your pampering massage.

You are sure to Enjoy



Stacey doesn’t just use stones in her massage, she combines crystals and spices in a special healing parcel to create and intoxicating, relaxing experience.
Using Hematite Crystals to ground you and Cinnamon and Nutmeg to stimulate the circulation.


Stacey invites you to experience the joy of healing with Crystals. A magical experience welcoming the gifts of love and healing that the crystal kingdom offers can heal wounds of the heart, body and soul.
Gifted to us from Mother Earth to heal the true nature of us all.


Like no other reading you have ever had.
Stacey guides you through the interpretation of the cards to help you discover their messages, rather than telling you how it is or will be.
It is empowering to discover this information in a way that you can truly own and not just having the experience predicted for you.
The information from the crystals and the cards is then drummed into you with a beautiful Native American Indian Drum to amplify a real ownership of the information.

Truly Empowering and Uplifting on many levels.